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24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring


24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

We appreciate that when you visit your doctor or cardiologist in the hospital you might feel a little anxious.

This can raise your blood pressure and can erroneously suggest that your blood pressure is higher than it actually is when you are in your own environment. To try and determine what your blood pressure is like in your own environment we can ask you to wear a monitor that records your blood pressure for the whole of the 24 hour period.

The monitor is usually worn on your waistband and is connected to a blood pressure cuff around your left upper arm. The monitor will record your blood pressure every half an hour during the day and every hour at night.

You must remember not to get any part of the equipment wet. When you go to bed you can remove the device from your waistband and leave the cuff on your arm and put the device on your bedside table or beneath the pillow if this is more comfortable for you. The next day you can remove the cuff and monitor and return it back to us for analysis.

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