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Ambulatory ECG Monitoring


Ambulatory ECG Monitoring

We might advise you to have such a test if you are developing palpitations (an awareness of your heart beat intermittently).


The small electronic device digitally records your ECG throughout the whole of 24 hour - 7 day period.


If you develop an attack of palpitation whilst you are wearing the monitor you will be advised to record the timing of such an event.


The time should be easily visible on the front of the ECG monitor.


When you return the device to us 24 hours later we can analyse your ECG on a computer so that we can correlate your symptoms with any change in your heart rhythm.


It usually only takes a maximum 5 minutes to fit the device and a minute or less to remove it. It is completely painless.


We will normally ask you to remove the device yourself at a certain period of time after you have worn it.

We will ask you to then return it to us for further analysis.


The whole procedure is completely painless.

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